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More than 40 producers from 4 countries and only one wine: the Amber.
From the Karst to the Collio, from Istria to Austria, you will find an area where Amber wines have left their historical roots. Trieste, as its center, hosts its excellence.

Alongside chosen wine producers, at the Festival, we carefully selected culinary specialties to accompany the wines as an expression of the food and enological richness of the area, reinterpreted for the occasion by established chefs.
That and much more await you on May 21st and 22nd in the beautiful Castle of San Giusto, within the historic locations of the former Bottega del Vino and Bastions Lalio and Fiorito, with an enchanting view of the Gulf of Trieste.

A splendid occasion for a food and wine experience, not to be missed.

Come and visit us at the Amber Wine Festival.

GIN GIN 2023

Coming soon

GIN GIN is the world premiere of the presentation of natural gins. A careful selection to discover the vast world of pairings that make gin the king of the most appreciated drinks ever. This a unique opportunity to share the charm of an engaging experience.

Planned date: 21-22/10 2023


Coming soon


Bolle Naturali is a tasting dedicated to natural sparkling wines. This style of wine finds its niche both in the terroirs of Champagne and throughout the rest of France. In Italy, they stand out for their quality and various grape varieties characteristic for each region. To savor the bubbles that, with their complexity, open up new horizons to the freshness of taste.



Welcome to ForevenTS, where we organize a series of unique and exclusive cultural and recreational events in the beautiful city of Trieste.

The Amber Wine Festival showcases the excellence of macerated white wines, which have roots in the hinterland of Trieste. The world’s best producers of amber wines can be found in the territory that stretches from the Carso to Collio and from Istria to Slovenia. These are white wines produced naturally using the prolonged maceration method. They are full-bodied, expressive, and have great texture.

We are pleased to present our upcoming events:

Bolle Naturali & GIN GIN.

Trieste, Castello di San Giusto.

Tra le mura dell’esclusivit√†.


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